Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization Solutions

We pioneered the industry in regards to using polymers for soil stabilization. The United States Military has used our Envirotac line of soil stabilizing products for years. Whether it be stabilizing in-situ soils for supply roads, helicopter pads, even runways for heavy cargo planes, Envirotac has been the preferred method. Envirotac polymers have been used on Mine Haul roads in Chile, RM roads in Canada, Plantations in Malaysia, and numerous places around the globe. If Soil Stabilization is required, you can count on the Envirotac line of polymers to perform.

"My engineers have recommended the use of Envirotac II for further road repairs and stabilization both for our camp and local development projects" - LTC James B. Sayers, United States Department of the Army


By eliminating potholes, wash-boarding, and ruts Envirotac greatly reduces the wear and tear typically endured by tires on non stabilized roads .


A smooth road that maintains it's grade presents less stress on a vehicle. This reduces maintenance and increase vehicle performance and saves money.


Envirotac roads are cheaper than gravel, bitumen, and asphalt roads. It more affordable than constantly maintaining dirt roads.


Stabilizing roads is a must when concerning safety. A poor sub-base can cause vehicles to malfunction and even lose control. Treating a road with Envirotac will not deteriorate the traction of the road, although in many cases it will increase it.


Envirotac is easy to apply and saves time building a road when compared to traditional methods. One crew can easily treat a kilometer or even a mile a day.

Increase PSI

Envirotac will increase load bearing PSI on all soils. We have lab results where we have increased CBR over 650%. If any soil is in question send it to our in-house lab and we can test it.

Haul Roads

Extreme weights are not an issue. We have successfully treated many miles of Haul Roads.

Reduce Permeability of Soils

Envirotac treated roads will reduce the permeability of roads and eliminate water penetrating and turning the surface into mud. Our roads have been subjected to many monsoon and snow conditions and our roads maintained grade and were safe to travel on.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Envirotac line of polymers are manufactured with the Environment in mind. They are safe to treat soils with and will not harm humans or wildlife.

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